WLU Email Changes

On or about December 15, 2023, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sent all retirees with an active wlu.ca email address information about a change in their email.

An application for extended access for a retiree of their current wlu.ca email address is available at: https://wlu.ca1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_a90SkPF9EbQ1qcZ.

ITC has advised us of the criteria for a retiree being granted extended access: “The principle is a retiree still working or doing research with the University.”

If your email address changes, please inform Frank Millerd fmillerd@wlu.ca to continue to receive messages from the Retirees’ Association.

ICT has advised us of the following:

If you are now switching to a non-WLU email address, you may want to advise senders to your wlu.ca address of your new email address. In Outlook go to “Settings,” then to “Automatic Replies.” While your wlu.ca address is active, you will still receive messages sent to your wlu.ca address.

After you receive a new WLU address there will be an overlap. You will be able to receive messages sent to either address (your wlu.ca address and the new wlu address) for 60 days. An automatic reply for your wlu.ca address will be active as long as your wlu.ca address is active. The automatic reply can be used to advise senders of your new WLU email address.

After a wlu.ca address ends, ICT will set up an automatic reply, advising senders to a wlu.ca address that “This email address is no longer in use, to contact [name of intended recipient] please send the email to [new WLU email address].” ICT will insert the intended recipients name and new WLU email address.

If you are moving to a non-WLU address and want that new address inserted in the automatic reply, ICT will insert that address if you advise Yi Ruan yruan@wlu.ca by sending him an email from your current wlu.ca email address.

The automatic reply will be in effect for one year. The intended recipient will only receive an email sent to wlu.ca if the sender re-sends the email to the new address.

If you wish to move saved email messages to a non-WLU email address ICT will export the “ToBeMigrated” folder as a PST file. The retiree will then have to import the file to the other mail platform.

If you do not want to keep your Laurier email address, fill out the “Retiree Account Closure Request Form” https://wlu.ca1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_6Vx1Vgbh9rXgI0m.

To inform WLU Human Resources of a change in your email address, send a message to hr@wlu.ca or retirement@wlu.ca.

If you have questions or problems, contact Yi Ruan at ICT: yruan@wlu.ca, phone (548) 889-3069.