Follow-up to September Benefits and Pension Meeting

Retiree Resources on the WLU website

Pension Portal (updated September 28, 2022)

On the Pension Portal, retirees can:

If experiencing portal issues, contact the Laurier Pension Contact Centre 1–844–342–3624. The first login will require a new password. Use “forgot password” to set a new password.

Benefits and Pension Contacts

For benefits information, contact: Sun Life, 1–800–361–6212,

Emergency out of country coverage through: Sun Life and Allianz Global Assistance, 1–519–514–0351

For pension information, contact: Laurier Pension Contact Centre: 1–844–342–3624,

WLU Human Resources Contacts

Questions and Answers from the September Meeting

Replies from Human Resources to questions raised at the September 30 meeting

Question: Are there any carriers that you know of that will offer supplemental out-of-country travel insurance?

Answer: Here are a few options; we do not have an affiliation with these insurers, but they may provide possibilities for the retirees to explore independently:

Question: When you have the Laurier plan out-of-country coverage and you also have independently obtained supplemental out-of-country coverage, which insurer is first payer should a claim need occur?

Answer: The plan member can choose which plan they submit to first. If they submit to Sun Life second they will need to be sure to submit as a co-ordination of benefits claim and include what was paid by the other carrier.

Notes from WLURA

Emergency health care insurance is also available through CURAC affinity programs.

Re: travel medical insurance through Allianz: